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An escape for wish families from medical treatment and doctor’s appointments, Give Kids The World Village is filled with laughter and smiles every day.

Your donations make that happen.

Thank you for joining Give Kids The World Village in creating the happiness that inspires hope with your tax-deductible contribution.

An escape for wish families from medical treatment and doctor’s appointments, Give Kids The World Village is filled with laughter and smiles every day.

Your donations make that happen.

Please select a giving option below to see examples of the opportunities to support Give Kids The World and help ensure our precious guests have a wonderful, joy-filled experience.

To donate a different amount, please check the option below and enter the amount you wish to donate monthly to GKTW. The total annual amount of your gift will be calculated automatically.

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GKTW Friend ($10-$99) $7.50/month, $90/year

$90 provides a week’s worth of joy for a child through our daily gift-giving program. Read More

Our Gift-Giving Fairy delivers gifts to each child in the wish family every day of their stay at GKTW. Imagine the joy on their faces when they return home from a busy day at a theme park to find stuffed animals, DVDs, games, souvenirs and more awaiting their return.

GKTW Associate ($100-$499) $8.33/month, $100/year

$100 helps provide decorations and crafts for a year’s worth of holidays. Read More

At the Village, each evening brings another reason to celebrate. No matter the time of year, families gather together for a summer-themed BBQ, Halloween and a winter evening complete with Santa and snow. Something fun is planned each night of the week even a night to celebrate!

GKTW Partner ($500-$999) $79.16/month, $950/year

$950 will provide the necessary supplies to keep the stars shining brightly in our Castle of Miracles for six months. Read More

Every wish child who visits Give Kids The World Village receives a gold star to inscribe his or her name upon. Their star is placed into a magical wish box where it is later retrieved by the Star Fairy and placed onto the star adorned-ceiling inside the Castle of Miracles. With this, every wish child has their own perpetual place at Give Kids The World Village. Families often return long after their initial Village stay to see this poignant memory of the precious time they shared here with their family.

GKTW President’s Council ($1,000-$4,999) $146.66/month, $1,760/year

$1,760 provides a year’s worth of Wish Child Buttons, the special pin worn by wish children at Orlando’s theme parks to signify they are due special treats and privileges. Read More

For Allison, the power of the wish button goes far beyond moving to the front of the line at an attraction or getting special seating at shows. Allison’s one wish was to personally meet a Disney princess; a wish that, due to weather and travel disruptions seemed impossible. Sadly, the family missed Allison’s private meeting with the princesses but still had a chance to meet them along with the general public. Seeing Allison’s Wish Child Button, a Disney employee asked the family to wait off to the side as he closed down the public event. He reappeared and asked the family to join him inside Cinderella’s Castle where all the princesses had gathered to have a tea party for little Allison. The Wish Child Button is extraordinary indeed!

GKTW Chairman’s Circle ($5,000-$9,999) $416.66/month, $5,000/year

$5,000 will ensure that each family‘s fairy tale experience is unforgettable, complete with comfortable villas, carefree service, wholesome meals and fun nightly entertainment at our storybook-themed Village. Read More

A getaway to Give Kids The World offers children something to hold on to while they are persevering through the unimaginable. Turn a wish child’s dream into reality by covering the cost of one family’s weeklong stay at our magical Village where happiness inspires hope.

GKTW Founder’s Society ($10,000 or more) $833.33/month, $10,000/year

During their visit at the Village, we look for ways to make each family’s stay convenient and unforgettable. One of our valued traditions is providing a breakfast cart that delivers a continental breakfast directly to their villas. Read More

Our wish families appreciate this added service, especially when they have early theme park plans and don't have time for a leisurely buffet breakfast. Also, in the afternoons, what better way to cap off a fun-filled day than with freshly baked cookies and lemonade? Our cookie cart meanders around the Village in the late afternoon and early evening seeking families who could benefit from a refreshing, sweet treat. Multiple carts would enable us to cover more of the Village faster. What a delight that would be for our treasured guests! $10,000 will send a special breakfast treat or afternoon snack to our families via a new Breakfast/Cookie Cart.


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