Hearts of Reality presented by Lexin Capital

Hearts of Reality brings together today's biggest reality stars to raise money for Give Kids The World Village, a nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides cost-free vacations to critically- ill kids and their families! More than 100 of your favorite stars from shows like "Survivor" and "Big Brother" take part in this exciting three-day event.

August 8–10, 2019 | #HeartsofReality

Benefitting Give Kids The World Village



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Give Kids The World Overview

  • Give Kids The World Village is a nonprofit, storybook resort for children with critical illnesses and their families.
  • Since our founding 32 years ago, we have hosted more than 156,000 families from all 50 states and 76 countries.
  • All of these families have a common bond. They have a child between the ages of 3-18 with a critical illness whose one wish is to experience the magic of Central Florida.
  • For each of these children, Give Kids The World Village offers a magical retreat from their daily routine of doctor visits, hospital stays and medical treatments.
  • Families stay, cost free, at Give Kids The World's 84-acre Village for an entire week. The Village provides the meals, accommodations, entertainment and donated attractions tickets to Central Florida's most beloved theme parks.
  • The Village is designed through the eyes of a child. It's a wonderland where ice cream is served for breakfast and a 6-foot rabbit serves as mayor.
  • At the Village, you'll find the Ice Cream Palace, Gingerbread House, Enchanted Carousel, Castle of Miracles, mini-golf course, a life-sized CANDY LAND playground, and a Park of Dreams with a zero-entry swimming pool and a water splash garden.
  • The families eat the Gingerbread House, which has child-size tables and chairs.
  • They are parties every night. We celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and Mayor Clayton's birthday every week and stage a life-sized game of CANDY LAND every Sunday. There are parades and games and, during Winter Wonderland, even some snow.
  • It takes a village to run a Village! Give Kids The World fills more than 1,600 volunteer shifts each week. Many volunteers are retirees, students, or visitors to Central Florida who want to couple their vacation with some great community service.
  • Give Kids The World was founded in 1986 by Henri Landwirth (Land- worth), a Holocaust survivor who spent five years of his childhood in concentration camps. Henri, a retired hotelier, created GKTW to give critically-ill children and their families a place where they could escape the stresses of a serious illness and rediscover the happiness that inspires hope.
  • Give Kids The World Village partners with more than 250 wish granting organizations around the world to help fulfill the wishes of children with critical illnesses.
  • Please make a donation to Give Kids The World by visiting my personal fundraising page.

For more information, please visit givekidstheworld.org.