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$7,000 helps Foster a Fairytale for a Wish Family to visit GKTW Village. For the families who visit, seeing the light return to their child’s eyes, watching as tear of sadness are replaced with joy and laughter and helping their children onto a carousel instead of into a hospital bed are priceless. Your gift will ensure that each family’s fairytale experience is unforgettable by providing a glimpse of the magic of childhood at our whimsical resort. Turn a fanciful dream into reality with your gift to cover the costs of one family’s weeklong stay at our magical Village - Where Happiness Inspires Hope.

$5,000 helps fund one month of ice cream toppings & supplies. A magical adventure awaits every child who visits the Village and you can put the cherry on top of their sweet experience by making a contribution to the Ice Cream Palace’s sweet toppings and supplies fund. There’s no sweeter way to show your support of the Village, where every candy-coated wish is granted.

$1,000 helps fund the magical entertainment and gift giving program for one wish family. From Halloween on Mondays, to Village Idol on Wednesdays, to Winter Wonderland every Thursday, there’s a party every night at the Village! Each day of their visit, while they are out enjoying their once-in-a-lifetime vacation, the Gift Fairy leaves surprise gifts for all wish children and their siblings.

$100 helps keep our villas sparkling clean and extra cozy. The Village has 168 two or three-bedroom villas that become a home-away-from-home for visiting wish kids and their families.

$25 helps keep the Ice Cream Palace stocked with treats. We open at 7:30 a.m. and serve ice cream all day!

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