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Creating your online fundraiser is simple - get started in three easy steps:

Register and create your page.

Get excited to fundraise! Register your fundraiser, upload a photo, and set a goal. You’re ready to raise money for some truly brave kids!

Share with the world

Making an impact involves all kinds of hearts. Once your fundraiser is created, share your page and reason for fundraising on social media with family, friends and coworkers. Don't forget to use the hashtag #GKTWVillage.

Feel good and give thanks.

It feels good to watch friends and family come together for the greater good—smile, take it all in and give thanks. All donations you collect will be put towards creating the happiness that inspires hope.

Why Give Kids The World Village?

When a child is diagnosed with a critical illness, a family’s world turns upside down. But at Give Kids The World Village, families discover a place where they can make memories to last a lifetime.

At the Village, medical treatments and hospital visits are replaced with nightly parties, ice cream for breakfast, sword fights with pirates, and hugs from a six-foot rabbit. Guests visit Orlando’s world-famous theme parks, play in a sparkling splash park, and celebrate Christmas and Halloween every week. See some of the fun for yourself in the video below.