Create your own fundraiser for Give Kids The World Village

DIY Fundraiser 2019

Britta and Glen's Wedding

In lieu of wedding gifts, we encourage all of you to join our fundraiser for one of our favorite charities: Give Kids the World (GKTW).

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.”

Britta grew up with this whimsical aphorism and together we try to live it. Those who know us well know how much we enjoy watching adventure films, creating elaborate Halloween parties, attending cosplay events, visiting Disney parks, and generally expressing our childlike sides. It keeps us young in spirit.

It breaks our heart that the misfortunes of life force some children to fight for their lives rather than simply experience the joys of childhood. That’s why a charity like GKTW means so much to us. There are many wonderful charities we support that are dedicated to healing children with life-threatening illnesses. What we love about GKTW is that it brings a touch of joy to help heal the spirits of sick children and their families who struggle every day to live a normal life. This fundraiser is dedicated to them.

Our goal to raise $10,000 will allow two families of four to visit GKTW Village and forget their troubles for a week. Please help us by making a donation. It would mean the world to us.

Britta and Glen

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