Fundraising FAQ

How do I register?

Select which event category you're fundraising for. (If you are fundraising for Ice Cream For Breakfast, you'll need to select your region first.) From there, you can either register as an individual or as a team.

Are all pledges and donations tax deductible?

Yes, they are. Each contribution of $5 or more will receive an acknowledgment letter mailed to the address provided.

How do I turn in check donations to Give Kids The World?

Click the "Enter Offline Gift" button located on your personal fundraising page and fill out the donor information.

All checks should be made out to Give Kids The World. Be sure to write your name on the memo line so we can give you credit for your efforts. Please send checks to: Give Kids The World, 210 S. Bass Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746.

What if someone gives me cash?

Please do not mail cash donations. Personal checks and/or money orders are preferred for all pledges. If the donor requires a letter of acknowledgement, please provide their contact information and the amount of their donation by clicking on the "Enter Offline Gift."

How do I form a team?

Select the "Click here to form a team." If you haven't registered with us before, select "Join as a New Participant." From there, simply follow the steps in creating your team.

What is the benefit of a Team?

It's always more fun to work toward a goal with a group. Friends and family often fundraise in honor or memory of a friend or family member, especially if they've been a guest at Give Kids The World Village. For companies, forming a team is a great way to promote internal team building and camaraderie outside the work environment.

Why do I need a Team Leader?

Team Leaders serve as the designated contact in the group with whom we communicate.

How do my Team Members register?

You can send them a link to your personal fundraising page. Advise them to click on the "Join (Your name)'s Team!" button.

How do I create my own larger scale event (consisting of multiple groups, teams and individuals that would participate)?

We would love to assist you in making your fundraising idea a reality! Please email us at for more information.